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Incident Investigations

Provides effective means to manage incident investigations, be it safety, quality, near miss, or any other classified incident. The elements in this module include submission, initial and flash notifications, timelines, interviews, root causes, lessons learned and risk review on incident completion.

Applied to meet legal requirements but also manage investigations of incidents in order to determine their causes so that actions can be taken to prevent a re-occurrence.
This module manages the investigation from reporting through to risk re-evaluation and final closure. Key to this module is the capturing of incident classification, route causes and lessons learned.


  • Quick and easy submission
  • Incident “prepare” where additional details regarding the incident can be captured prior to the investigation
  • Incident notification e-mail to key personnel
  • Enforcement of legal advisor on serious incidents such as fatality
  • Incident timeline, Interviews, Root Cause Analysis, and Lessons Learned
  • Generation of Targets and Actions with responsible person and target dates
  • Documents linked to incident
  • Checklist to ensure all elements are considered
  • Automatic generated minutes at adjournment
  • Enforcement of aspect risk review
  • Investigation can only be resolved once all targets, actions and checklists are completed
  • Requires a review meeting before final closure
  • Numerous statistical reports, graphs and charts with a variety of filters

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